Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide (EMD)

Tosoh Hellas produces electrolytic manganese dioxide, better known commercially as EMD, which is a raw material used in the manufacturing of batteries.

Tosoh Hellas cutting edge know-how and production methods derive from Tosoh Corporation, an innovator in the manufacture of EMD since 1938.

Through many years of research and improvements, Tosoh's EMD has certain characteristics that make it a top quality raw material for manufacturing high performance alkaline batteries:

High electrochemical activity, as a result of a suitable crystalline structure that creates strictly controlled electrolysis under special conditions.

Exceptionally low levels of harmful trace elements, achieved by a process of clearing the electrolysis solution which undergoes rigorous technical analyses and checks, allowing Tosoh's EMD to be used to manufacture environmentally-friendly batteries.

The particle size distribution and uniformity of the material is improved in the final processing stage and the absorption rate, processability and discharge rate are optimised.

A reliable, guaranteed material produced using Tosoh's patented techniques that safeguard the entire production procedure from processing of the raw material to customer service, using an ISO 9001 certified quality system.